Why are the CPC rates changing? The mystery of CPC values

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Online advertisers like seeing high CPC values in their reports. The higher the CPC, the higher the monthly earned revenue. All those numbers like to variate and seem to be changing in a blink of an eye. Did you ever wonder why?

The idea is very simple. Everything starts with a bid. Our merchants set the bid and the mechanism starts rolling.

Our partners bid on certain offers and by end of the day receive a payment for all the clicks sent. Fine, but why is the rate changing? The merchant can change the bidding anytime. Also, the final CPC value is not the bid value. Here we need to address the quality of traffic. The higher the CTS, the higher the CPC rate. We care about the quality of the traffic discount publishers for not having high enough CTS by lowering the CPC rates. And this can hurt. During long-term partnerships and high traffic volume, everything below $0.30 is not satisfying for us. The easiest way to guarantee yourself higher CPC rates? – Increase the quality!

How to minimize the CPC discrepancies?

To minimize such discrepancies, and guarantee our publishers stability in revenue, we encourage you to leverage our Query Map Search, powered by BlackSwan Titan.  Query Map Search groups guarantee maximally stable CPCs by aggregating products across merchants and categories. To better understand the magic behind our solution, we encourage you to review the technical documentation can access the relevant technical documentation within our ShopperBuzz Publisher Portal. Apply here if you have yet to enroll.

Once you have launched a campaign using the Query Map Search, you must also ensure to follow the below steps:

  • Monitor the offers and their bids in API. BlackSwan Titan easily allows you to do this.

  • Maintain constant and high quality of traffic

  • Use only trusted and reliable traffic sources.

  • Follow our smart recommendations, generated daily, based on how your traffic converts!  You can also subscribe for our smart recommendations directly within the Publisher Portal: