Keep the CTS up! Building your sales conversion

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While shopping online, the first impression is the most important thing. We all rely on visuals. Did you ever try to think like a potential buyer? Let’s try something out- think for a minute about what makes you buy a product. Ready? Let’s go through it together!

Get into your client’s head

The first thing we see after opening a shop domain is the layout. We all pay attention to details- color match, picture quality, site navigation. Make your site attractive- you’re always dressing up for a date, right? Imagine how many people are “dating” your site during a day. Right? Make it look special, make it pretty.

This is where the user’s trust starts. A good looking domain is key. Speaking about trust- show yourself! Tell the user about your company, give an opportunity to get in touch with you. Make them feel safe and comfortable in your online shop. Our client feels good now and would like to buy a new laptop. Offer a large selection of products, give a choice but don’t let them without a hint! Make them compare, search, analyze and simply have fun while shopping!

The Compare option is a favorite toy of online shoppers. In a few steps, they can compare selected products and find the perfect match. Buyers tend to have doubts and usually need a second bond option. Don’t let them call their mums and friends!

Give them a tool to see other’s opinions, tests, and reviews. Sharing products opinions and reviews makes the choice easier. If any other person says that the laptop is very slow, I won’t buy it! Simplifying the decision process increases the possibility of a successful sale.

We’re good now. Our user found a dream laptop and would like to buy it. Even at this point, can leave your site. Make the purchase quick and enjoyable. They’re already excited about the new device! One-click shopping links make everything.

Avoid site redirection- make the user buy the laptop now! After entering all the delivery data it’s time to pay. Give them options to pay by card, by application, by bank transfer or by delivery. Always give the user a large choice of payment methods. You never know who is on the other side of the screen.  

We made it. Our user has just bought their new laptop and you lead to a successful sale. That was pretty easy, huh? Now it’s time to adjust your shopping site to this model.

That’s the easiest way to improve your sale rate. Let’s summarize:

  • Build an attractive visual site

  • Don’t forget to add your address and direct contact details

  • Provide users with a relevant product selection

  • Add precise product description, reviews, and user opinions

  • Give the client the best price

  • Use a one-click button to buy

  • Offer a large selection of payment methods

  • If needed think about paid traffic sources.

Building clients trust starts in the very first seconds on your website. Make them feeling comfy on your web space. Make them intrigued. Make them curious.

Increasing the CTS doesn’t really need paid traffic sources. Make the user enjoying the purchase journey. Make them confident in their decision. Get in their head and make them buy the product they need in your store.