Angry users! Or, why search relevance is key

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I’m sure we all know this feeling. I’m looking for an iPhone and the site gives me phone cases, speakers and other accessories. I don’t need them. I need a new phone. What can I do with an empty phone case? It won’t take my calls or read my emails. It won’t call my mum either. That’s so annoying…

Do you know how a potential buyer reacts to that? By closing the page, of course. But it’s not your goal. The goal is the sell me the iPhone I need.

Improved relevance = higher sales conversion

It’s easy to imagine the user’s frustration while getting irrelevant search results over and over again. An annoyed person will never buy anything. And this means trouble – lower conversion and lower payment at the end of the month. That’s not nice.

How to improve the relevance?

Using any of ShopperBuzz’s solutions will guarantee the highest search relevance for your users.

We can guarantee relevance at least 10x better than your existing providers. Sceptical? Apply for ShopperBuzz access and play with our technology yourself.