Fraud: the dark side of online advertising

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Fraud traffic is the dark side of the online advertising world. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is on the increase and is affecting more and more online advertisers. You don’t need to be one of them. Don’t let fraud mess with you!

Fraud traffic involves the intentional practice of producing and sending clicks that don’t originate from potential consumers. Those clicks are generated by bots and paid users, and simply don’t have any value.

Protect yourself from fraud

Nowadays it’s difficult to protect yourself and your site from fraud. There are some practices which will strongly reduce the number of fake clicks.

      • Work only with trusted and reliable networks. Always thoroughly check the website of the network you’d like to work with. If there’s anything that looks suspicious, just leave it. Double check the legal and contact information and verify if the company really works as it promises. Ask your friends, check the social channels of the company and only once you’re sure about it- start working with them.

      • Analyze the results. Keep an eye on your performance- in particular, monitoring the conversion rate, retention rate, purchases, and ROI. Knowing your traffic will make it easier to detect the intruder and avoid fraud.

      • Switch off bad sources of traffic. If only something seems suspicious, it’s always better to cut off the traffic source in advance than face the fraud issues. Lots of shopping comparison companies do not allow fraud at all and your account might be suspended immediately.

      • Engage a cybersecurity company:  You can reach out to companies like RiskIQ, aimed at helping you promptly and expediently pinpoint fraudulent traffic sources.

Fraud traffic is a curse of online advertisers. We do not support this kind of practice. Usage of fraud traffic will lead to account suspension and possible legal actions. You also won’t get paid for those clicks either. Be smart- send and accept only quality traffic!