Numbers first! Reports to live or die by

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While running your own business, we feel the need to constantly check if everythingis going well. Our obsessive desire to look into your campaigns number is what drove the creation of the Smart Big Data platform, BlackSwan Titan, powering the ShopperBuzz platform.

By all means, use the smart data provided to you. Plan your daily routine. Smart Performance reports and automated campaign recommendations can hit your inbox in the early morning hours. Grab a coffee, spend some time with them and start the new day with a performance strategy.

The smart daily reports can help you to understand the current market situation and adjust your campaigns to match it. In the online advertising world, nothing is permanent. The data is changing constantly – It’s really important to keep track of it. You can subscribe for our daily custom campaign recommendations directly on the ShopperBuzz Publisher Console:

Reports Categories

We can easily divide reports into two categories:

  • Revenue reports which contain the number of sent leads, grouped by merchants and subcategories, revenue, a rate per single click, overall CTS score. The revenue reports also provide you with a clear breakdown of your month-to-date earnings.

  • Detailed performance reports which give you more specific data such as merchant, category and even keyword level reports! Such reports are algorithmically generated for the purpose of advising you which keywords to scale, and which keywords to curtail.

  • The detailed performance reports are especially useful while planning traffic strategy and account optimization. Those are the reports that can be subscribed to, directly on the BlackSwan Publisher Console.

Leveraging analytics is crucial to running a successful online business. Data analysis allows you to make decisions more easily and deeply understand the market and account situation. Don’t waste the chance to grow your business more quickly!