Why are my clicks disappearing? About click filtering

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If you ever wonder why your clicks seem to be missing? Why is there a difference between the number of clicks in your analytics tool and what is reported to you in the ShopperBuzz revenue report ?

Why is this happening? The reason for this is our clicks filtering mechanism. We only invoice our merchants for what we deem to be valid clicks.

It’s common practice to separate valuable clicks from the useless ones. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Corrupt IP. The IP  address which the click comes is not real. Sometimes users want to remain anonymous on the Internet and use fake IPs. Other IPs can be fraudulent or used to conceal fraud.

  • Corrupt user agent.  A user agent is a software which acts on behalf of a user. It refers to a web browser giving a website information about the browser and operating system. This allows the website to customize content for the capabilities of a particular device, but also raises privacy issues. If this software is giving incorrect information or disturbing the user’s privacy, then we call it a corrupt user agent.

  • Double/ triple / repeated clicks. Multiple clicks coming from the same user within a short period of time will be counted as a single click. We do not divulge what constitutes such a “short period of time”, for obvious security reasons.

  • Bots. Artificially generated clicks by a fake user.

  • Enormously high bid or bid “0”. If the bid value is too high or “0” means that something is wrong with the offer. For the bid “0” the product most probably has been removed earlier and is not available on the merchant’s site anymore.

  • Clicks received are outside the target market. If the click is coming from outside our listed markets, it cannot be counted and will be filtered out.

We all want to be paid for our entire job and not only parts of it. All publishers want to receive payment for validly generated traffic, If you ever wondered how to decrease the percentage of rejected clicks, we have good news. Look below to check the best methods! How not to let your clicks disappear?

  • Always check the source of your traffic

  • Work only with quality traffic providers

  • Check and monitor the traffic origin

  • Preferably work with networks providing the bid data in real time

Keep an eye on your traffic quality- whenever something looks suspicious, cut off that traffic source. Follow these tips and enjoy the lower percentage of useless clicks!